This is Why You Can’t Trust Pokedex Entries


We’ve got another hell of a comic brought to you by JHall over at Dorkly.  This one focuses on Pokedex entries.  As awesome as the Pokemon universe is, let’s face it:  some things just don’t add up all the time.  Like every other comic, movie, TV show, or video game you’re going to see some major inconsistencies and plot holes.   The Pokedex is the home of all Pokemon information in the known universe, and includes descriptions of all 700+ pocket monsters.   However, there are different descriptions for every generation of Pokemon, and every game.  Sometimes they don’t make any sense whatsoever.  If any of you get this at all, then you’ll understand this comic.

This is what JHall had to say to start off:

Of course we know when you let kids put in their own Pokedex info, they tend to not know what the hell they are talking about, but Pokemon professors aren’t blameless in the creation of absurdly improbable Pokemon descriptions.

Check out the rest below!







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