Pictures that are Amazingly Not Photoshopped

We like the use of Photoshop as much as the next guy.   I can always appreciate the skill it takes to use the program and make photos that couldn’t have been made otherwise.   However, there’s the realist in me that can always appreciate a great photograph.  One that’s taken at the perfect angle, with the perfect light, and with such precision that you might not even think it is in fact real.

Well it just so happens these are the exact kind of photos we’ll be sharing with you right here.

You won’t believe these photos aren’t photoshopped……

Check out the rest below

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  1. The gymnastics one.
    He was liking balancing or whatever, but the crowd reached over. But they weren’t really touching his legs they were just doing well idk just putting there arms so it looked like they were touching the dudes legs.
    Sorry if it didn’t make sense!!!
    Or was confusing!!!
    It’s kind of hard to explain!!!!

  2. The one of the buiding and the hand with a brush is clearly photoshopped. You can’t get two points of focus thar are at different distance with one photo and a normal lens. You can use a tilt&shift lens, but you will get other unwanted things in focus between the hand and the tower.
    Anyway, the easiest way to identify the use of photoshop in that image is that real depth of field works progressively: the areas thar are far from the focused point, should appear more blurry that the ones near to that sopt.

    Believe me, i’m a photographer
    Sorry for my bad english!

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