A Parallel Universe of Gaming Etiquette

If there’s one universe in the world where the rules of society don’t apply it’s got to be the gaming universe.   If you need proof simply go on Youtube and see the endless amount of gamer freak out videos.   It’s crazy.

From people beating the crap out of their siblings to smashing computers, video games elicit responses that we simply don’t use on an everyday basis.  But I tell ya.   Not beating a certain level or figuring out a boss’s weakness can really put you in a tizzy.

Which is why this photo essay by Dorkly on the dos and don’ts of gaming is absolutely hilarious and couldn’t be more spot on.   Check out these 10 photos that should really hit home for any gamer….


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  1. @Amy
    I thought you posted in the wrong place, cause that Rob Paulsen video is up (and it’s freakin AMAZING). But I get what you’re saying now.

    Also: DO respect any gamer with impressive skill.

    DON’T accuse them of being a &$#*, or a *#&@, or a #*@$, and definitely not a #&#&@^ @*#&#@) (#$&@ that you want to rape with a $*#&$ing #*#$ #*#$.

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