Words Fail Me


Well I was going to post this video (Gundam Style), which a parody of the above, but I figured I should post the original first. For those of you not among the 32 million who have watched this video over the past week, it’s from a Korean artist named Psy who is more or less the Asian LMFAO, but infinitely more awesome, and was doing the whole comedy/pop song/pelvic thrust thing long before them.

The video is just…pure random amazingness. It’s outside movies, TV and video games I suppose, but it’s also outside the bounds of reality itself. It’s…unreal, if you will.

But I can make it media related, as you should check out Gundam Style below which has Psy and his dancers donning helmets from that show, which is in itself rather hilarious as well.

I’ll be you money this song will now be stuck in your head for at least a week.


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  1. So why is Mike Myers in the elevator?

    This almost makes me regret not taking a job offer in Korea. Only paid $44K which is nothing compared to the cost of living over there.

  2. Ulive (a music TV show)here in New Zealand discovered this like two weak before everyone else and now they play it literally all the time because the “started it”

  3. Living here in Seoul my Korean GF showed this to me. This guy was busted for cannabis possession a while back (a serious no no in Asia). This is his comeback video. He’s part of a TINY non-conformist scene here (read: not talent-less boy/girl groups) that I hope breaks out. One MC came out a few years back and lost his whole career (owns some restaurants near my place now.) It’s a shame that alternative lifestyles often produce different perspectives and so interesting creative work but those lifestyles are heavily suppressed here.

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