An Unreal Gallery of the Strangest-Looking Sharks in the World


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with sharks.  My interest in these remarkable fish has never really waned, leading to my majoring in zoology while at college and my insistence that Shark Week is must-see television.  Sharks have evolved over millions of years to become the most efficient fish in the sea, and one can’t help but admire how they’re built perfectly for their roles as predators.

Most of the sharks we see in movies are Great Whites, and every once in awhile, we’ll get some makos (like in Deep Blue Sea).  But there are a lot of sharks swimming in the Earth’s oceans that look nothing like the sharks we see on the big screen.  I usually post about movies or video games, but some of these sharks look so bizarre that they can only be classified as “unreal.”  I hope you enjoy this gallery of the strangest-looking sharks in the world.

Goblin Shark




Frilled Shark





Basking Shark





Megamouth Shark




Ghost Shark







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  1. Sharks are awesome. The Hammerhead still ranks up there as an unusual looking shark, too. I’m also pretty fascinated with sharks, and I would love to see a life sized replica of a Carcharodon Megalodon some time. That would have been one scary fish.

  2. I love Hammerheads. They were a popular shark when I was young, but I really haven’t seen them as much in media recently. Also, wasn’t the Mega Mouth discovered because it tried to eat an anchor?

  3. Is that frilled shark real? I ‘ve seen that picture a few times and it just looks so perfect I always think it’s just an artists rendering based on fossils or something….anyways it’s cool.

    I’m not sure why but seeing that Basking shark being picked up by a lift makes me sorta sad…and I’m scared of sharks but I just think they should be left alone to do their own thing in the ocean…

  4. i wish theyd just leave the sharks alone and stop hunting them like they do. its just not right. and i’ll admit that the frilled shark died soon after surfacing but there was nothing that anyone could do for it. but other sharks like that megamouth and goblin shark (although i would never want to see it in person) ahouls be left alone. i love the gost shark.

  5. wow i dont know y but i love sharks:) there beautiful yea and stop hunting them o yea and my favorite is the ghost shark if i saw it in person i would die but were are they loacated guess ill search it on google.

  6. Im young and i have a VERY deep interest in sharks and always have
    they are amazing and should stop being hunted for “shark fin soup” or for their teeth
    these amazizing creatures are soon to go extinct and everyone will be sorry they did
    and i would LOVE to meet any shark in real life
    call me crazy if ya will, but im OK with that

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