Parks and Rec Goes Justice League

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Longtime readers will know that I love my crossover art, and never did I thought I’d see the day where two things as disparate as Parks and Recreation and the Justice League would combine.

But combine they have at the hands of artist Vicky Ryan. She’s taken most of the cast members of the show and assigned them each a superhero role. I’d say almost all of them fit perfectly, though I’m wondering out of the two missing ones, whether Andy or Tom will be Superman. I bet Andy, and Tom will be Martian Manhunter. Somehow.

Check out the gallery below, and I’ll update it as soon as the last two are posted. 

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[via ComicsAlliance]

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  1. Jerry should definitely be Aquaman. That is a perfect fit. April would even fit well as Hawkgirl. She’s a bit headstrong and I can only imagine she would enjoy smashing stuff with a mace.

  2. switch April and Jerry…everyone hates Jerry = everyone hates Aquaman

    plus, Hawkgirl April fits for a Hawkman Andy!

    Lil’ Sebastian as Comet the Super-Horse or bust!

    let Tom be Superman and Jean-Ralphio be Green Arrow (trying to [unsuccessfully] hook up with Black Canary Ann)

    I guess Mark Brendanawicz can be Martian Manhunter, one of the founding guys of the league but he’s not regarded as an important player by the mainstream

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