One of the Most Appropriate Scarface Photoshops Ever

Scarface Photoshop

The degree of Scarface puns, pictures, reference to the movie in lyrics, and about 6 million other things astounds me to this day.  Think about it.  The movie is over 30 years old (40 years isn’t even that far away) and people continue to quote it as well as emulate its star character, Tony Montana.  I’m pretty sure the only other drug dealer that gets this much “recognition” is Frank White in King of New York.

One of the more if not most famous captures from Scarface is that of a seemingly worn out, drugged out Tony Montana sitting on his throne like chair in his office.  His nose and face are powdered up from his product and his desk looks more like a bakery during cooking time than a place of business.

Montana’s got this look like….well I don’t know what the hell it’s like until I saw this photoshop.  It’s the look of a man who’s eaten way too many donuts.

Your captions are welcomed!

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