One of the Coolest Lamps I’ve Ever Seen But Some Disagree

Duck Hunt Lamp

So I recently found this gem of a Duck Hunt NES themed lamp on Reddit the other day.   Now me being the old school gamer that I am simply look at this thing and think “perfection.”  I mean come on.  Apparently some guy actually made this lamp from scratch for a buddy of his.  But as you’ll see, some people on Reddit actually had the nerve to comment on improvements that could have been made.  I’ve taken the liberty of finding some of these comments for your own review.

1. Would be sweet if the trigger was the on/off switch.

2. Wishing people into in-animate objects is pretty much torture.

3. Base should have been an NES console

4. lets leave the wood,,,umm, wood looking?….kinda the natural unfinished look? shoulda painted it’ come’on man’ – still good though – 8 out of 10.

5. That looks awful. Enjoy having a tacky interior

Do you guys have any comments to make this thing better?

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