Obama. Crossbow. Lion. Lightsaber.

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In this tumultuous election season, I will make no formal endorsement of a candidate, but I’m just going to leave this here and ask, “how can you NOT vote for the guy riding a lion wielding a crossbow and lightsaber?”

This is from Jason Heuser’s amazing “badass presidents” series, and you should check out all the other offerings on his Etsy page here.

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  1. @ponger, it appears to be both green and red (more red towards the base)

    Watching all these people get butthurt over a picture has been the best part of this post.


  2. The best thing about this is that Obama appears to be in the press briefing room.

    “Any questions, motherfuckers?”

    But, no, I would never vote for the guy. Worst President ever.

  3. Yes Paul, clearly you need to stay away from politics… he’s only the president of some Americans, not all of them…

    Can you believe these people? It’s getting worse every year.

  4. lol people who dont vote for obama should move to moslem land.
    there they kill gays, make sure women dont have rights and people who believe in god control everything.

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