Crappy Must See Movie Recommendation of the Week: North Shore

When you’re thinking “it’s so bad it’s good” cinema, look no further than the movie North Shore.  It’s a surfing movie made in 1987 starring Matt Adler (remember the friend in Teen Wolf?, not Styles) and Nia Peeples.  But oh it doesn’t stop there.  World famous surfer Laird Hamilton plays the bad guy surfer Lance Burkhardt and boy is he a horrible actor.

For those of you who don’t know, North Shore is the story of Rick Kane,  an aspiring graphics design artist from Arizona who happens to have a love of surfing.  Kane may be the best surfer on the wave pools of Arizona but he gets a dose of reality when he tries to test his skills on the North Shore of Hawaii.

During his stay he meets a “soul surfer” named Chandler who believes in surfing as a way of life, and not to win contests.  He is introduced to Chandler through his friend Turtle, a mainlander who help Chandler to shape surf boards.   Chandler quickly takes to Rick and teaches him to surf but the two are at odds when Kane’s skills increase and he’s requested to join the Pipeline Classic.  Chandler doesn’t believe in contests and Kane needs the contest to be recognized.

Along the way Cane meets a sexy main lander named Kiani (played by Nia Peeples) and has his challenges in getting her people to accept him.

I won’t ruin the rest but you guys have to see this 80s classic.  The trailer is of course below….

Wow.  Talk about cheesy.  This is so awesome.

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