No More Art: Real Life Disney Princesses

Disney Cosplay 7

I’ve featured more Disney princess art than I can count over the past few months (and years) but rarely do we ever get to see the ladies in real life.

Above and below you’ll find non-Disney employees dressed up as their favorite princesses, and doing one hell of a job of it. There’s Rapunzel, Belle, Jasmine and Aurora. I always think Aurora is cheating because seriously, whose favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty? She just lays there the whole time!

Check out the rest of the gallery below:

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  1. I think the love for Aurora comes more from the movie as a whole than Aurora as a character. Which, if I’m right would be totally legitimate, as that movie is one of Disney’s finest works.

    That said, Aurora is up and about for a good half the movie (I think?), and in that time she’s got a decent amount of self-confidence and personality. Plus, as I said, movie’s gorgeous.

  2. Sleeping Beauty is totally my favorite. Malificent was one of the best Disney villains ever, and the climax with the prince fighting the dragon was just the coolest thing 7-year-old me had ever seen.

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