NBA 2K14 Current vs. Next Gen: Night and Day Comparison

When the PS4 and Xbox One were still being teased earlier this year, I was excited to see a major leap in graphics. I wanted to be amazed by the intense photorealism and upgrade in the graphics department. I figured that there would be a huge change since both companies are selling new consoles.

However, I was disappointed when I only noticed a subtle difference between current-generation and next-generation graphics. Yes, the next-gen games are prettier but it wasn’t something that truly floored me.

NBA 2K14 on next-generation is a different case altogether. The graphics comparison is literally like night and day. I know I did a post on this game last week, but this time I’m focusing on the graphics.

 Are you ready to see the difference between current and next-gen?



Yes, now I feel like crap for buying NBA 2K14 on the PC. I thought that it was going to have the same graphics level as next-gen since you know it’s the PC for crying out loud. I was wrong since it used the same engine as the one used for current-gen. While the next-gen graphics is similar to what Battlefield or Killzone might look like, it’s still a big leap for the franchise itself in terms of improvements. If you checked out the video above, everything from facial expressions, fabric, and sweat is given much detail.

Here’s what the leap looks like for games like Call of Duty: Ghosts


It might take a few years before we gamers can see the true capability of next-gen consoles. For now, I guess we can rely on sports games for a “leap” in graphical quality. The next-gen versions of FIFA and Madden are also using a different engine (IGNITE engine from EA) from their current-gen counterparts. It’s definitely a lot more detail than CoD but not as much as NBA 2K14.


Are you going to wait for a huge leap in graphics before you purchase a next-gen console?

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