My Family’s Accidental Easter Horror Movie

My personal life only rarely collides with things that are relevant to the site, like when I buy a Metal Gear Solid jacket or my girlfriend dresses up as Pikachu, but this Easter, my family accidentally created something horrfying I wanted to share with you.

My aunt from California sent us these “festive” bunny masks, but as you can see, they didn’t entirely meet their cuteness quotient. Rather, the minute I put mine on, I was ready to start murdering people or robbing banks, and I had to get my cousins to wear theirs for a picture.

The result is the terrifying image you see above, expertly photoshop filtered by a kind soul on reddit where the image got popular. When I got home, my girlfriend and I scared the hell out of my roommate by putting the masks on as soon as he was coming in, and slowly turning our heads toward him as he entered the room. He had nightmares.

Check out a picture of just me in the mask below, and decide whether we look more like The Strangers or Splicers.

UPDATE: original image. Still creepy, but filters add a lot!

Annnd my grandma still thought we looked “cute.”


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  1. ‘Annnd my grandma still thought we looked โ€œcute.โ€’

    That’s because you’re her grandchildren.

    Also, that filtered, Photoshopped pic is absolutely terrifying.

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