Movie Recommendation of the Week: The Sting

This is a shout out to all of our parents out there.   Well, at least the parents of people my age.   For all you younger people out there, one of if not the best duos in the history of cinema were Robert Redford and Paul Newman.   Handsome, great actors, and hilarious would describe these two charmers and when they were on screen it was magic.   Perhaps one of their best performances was in the movie The Sting.   It was made in 1973 and will forever remain a classic.   Here’s a quick bio:

In 1930s Chicago, a young con man seeking revenge for his murdered partner teams up with a master of the big con to win a fortune from a criminal banker.

Obviously that description doesn’t really give the movie enough credit or substance.  However, this was easily one of the best con men movies of all time.  Plus the cast was just filled with people you’d recognize but whose name you probably wouldn’t know (something I love in a movie).

Anyway, I don’t even want to give it away.  I want you guys to see this.  It’s brilliantly written, directed, and acted and of course, the Newman and Redford combo never hurt.   Check out the trailer after the jump…


It’s a must see folks.

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  1. The thing that “stings” a little bit is that in the 70’s when it was released, it was only 40 years or so since the events depicted.
    Now, its 40 years since it was released. My knees hurt and I feel old.

  2. I’m only 33, and this is still one of my favorite movies ever. Dad and I used to watch it over and over. There’s a difference between a brilliant story and a story told brilliantly. This movie is both. Nice recommendation!

  3. It deserves more than 8.4 stars from IMDB. One of the best movies of all time, not just in the con genre. I’ve seen it many times and it’s enjoyable every time.

  4. Back in high school, I had a Calculus teacher (Who was also the football team’s head coach, go figure) who showed us this movie one day toward the end of the semester. As soon as Paul Newman came on with that moustache, everyone in the class did a double take… our teacher looked exactly like Mr. Newman, and we knew exactly why he was showing us this.

  5. I love this movie. Good recommendation for anyone who hasn’t seen it, or who watched it too young and couldn’t appreciate it because their parents were watching it.

  6. Robert Shaw is one of the most CRIMINALLY underrated actors of the 50-70s. Here’s to you Quint, Lonergan, Kabokov, Mr Blue.

    Also, an excellent writer.

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