Movie Recommendation of the Week: Funny Farm

If you’re ever up for a movie that will just make you smile then I highly recommend seeing Funny Farm.   The movie is nearly 25 years old but it’s got the kind of staying power where the jokes aren’t all that stupid and the overall tone of the movie just puts you in a decent mood.   Just in case you don’t know what it’s about here’s a quick review:

When Andy and Elizabeth buy a farm in Vermont, they can’t imagine the trouble that awaits them. Andy has quit his job as a sports journalist and is planning to use the peace and quiet of the country to write the Great American Novel. From the moment the movers truck gets lost with their furniture, though, there’s little peace and less quiet. From a maniacal mailman to a dead body buried in the garden, Andy is distracted by the town and its wacky inhabitants. His effort at a novel is mediocre, at best, and he’s threatened by Elizabeth’s foray into writing when she attempts a children’s book. Can the Farmers survive the townsfolk and each other?

Andy is played by Chevy Chase and Elizabeth by Madolyn Smith.   It’s a vintage Chevy Chase role where you definitely see some Clark Griswold tendencies.   He of course goes a bit mad just as Clark does.   He winds up doing completely idiotic things as Clark does.

But it’s all in a folksy setting and his interaction with the town is quite amusing.  Anyway, I think you guys should give it a whirl.   It’s not laugh out loud funny but it’s got enough to be enjoyable.

Trailer after the jump….


Hell the music in this trailer is almost like Vacation’s.

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  1. I agree dude. It does a have a feel good vibe and one the whole moving to the country to become a writer kinda just hit’s the right notes in my domes pleasure center.

    I’m not a writer, but I am originally from NYC and now live in a tiny ass town (village? we those too, right?) in northern Georgia. By choice.

    I also dig the superior Doc Hollywood.

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