Movie Recommendation of the Week: 18 Again!

After all this time on this site I can’t believe I never made mention of the movie 18 Again! Seriously.  What in the hell is wrong with me.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve never written the name George Burns on this site until now either.   Anyway, this movie was miraculously on television the other day and every single time it’s on I always think it’s that annoying movie 17 Again with Zac Efron.  But it’s not!  It’s a totally different movie and yes, it’s an 80s flick.

Anyway, here’s the summary: 

Jack Watson is an 81 year old businessman, who is not exactly liked by his son, and who is pushing his meek grandson, David to excel in athletics as he did. At his birthday party, before blowing out the candles he’s asked to make a wish and his wish is to be 18 again. While out with David they get into a car accident and when he wakes up, he discovers that he is now in David’s body and David is in his body which is comatose. He then goes out to enjoy himself but at the same discovers just how tough David has it in school and finds out how his girlfriend, Madeline feels about him, and also how his son feels about him.

As you can imagine, it’s kind of funny watching young David (played by Charlie Schlatter) act like an old man but trapped in a young man’s body.  There are plenty of sexual puns, funny cute moments, and it’s definitely a smiler type of film.

Is it quality?  Of course not, but definitely family fun on a Sunday afternoon.

Man I wish I could pull something like that when I’m older.

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