Movie Posters Using the Original Book Titles

Movie Book Posters 9


What if movies didn’t think they needed to change a lick from the original book title they were based on? It happens sometimes to be sure, with all those Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games books, but for many movies, drastic title changes are required to make the films more appealing. For example, the above doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue while “Blade Runner” might be the coolest movie title in history.

I’m not sure who made all these originally, but I found them here, and you can check out the full gallery below. I think you’ll be surprised to find just how many of your favorite movies were based on books with less than catchy titles:

Movie Book Posters 8


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  1. Am I the only one who gets a bit annoyed regarding the manner in which photo galleries are posted on this site? For easier viewing I have to open in in its own window and open tabs for each photo which are closed once viewed. A slider would be better, although in most other sites it normally gets stuck for some reason (Chrome problem?)

  2. @Monchofos

    Not all of the galleries on this site are posted that way.

    For example…

    I believe (and I really don’t have any proof to back this up) that the galleries posted in this format are a cheap trick to get more page views, as you have to open a new page for each picture. Nattyb was mostly responsible for that in the past, and although this article has Paul’s name at the top, I’m almost sure that it was Nattyb that posted it.

    As annoying as I find it, I’m also aware that the site needs to make money to pay the bills and if this is the cost, then I’ll suffer through it.

  3. but Road to Perdition was always Road to Perdition (which apparently the original comics were heavily influenced by Lone Wolf and Cub, but unless the creator of the poster is trying to be cheeky, I’m pretty sure they’re misinformed)

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