Erm, Maybe I Don’t Really Want That Drive Jacket After All

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Ever since I saw Drive last year, one thought crossed my mind.

I want that Jacket.

Whether it’s for Halloween, or everyday life, I thought I must have it, and I will look as cool as Ryan Gosling. Right? Right???

Well as it turns out, many others had the same thought, and I’m sorry to report that in 100% of test cases, the resulting look is “toolbox” rather than “badass.” But surely it will look awesome on me? Sadly, even with my chiseled good looks, I doubt there’s anyone else that could pull this off besides Gosling himself. I’ll keep the $160 in my pocket, and my picture off the internet.

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  1. Erm, I thought even Ryan Gosling looked like a toolbox in that jacket. It’s a toolbox jacket. No one can pull it off. It’s utterly garish and looks like something a small time criminal, with no self awareness, who thinks he’s the shit, would wear. And wasn’t Gosling a small time criminal in Drive?

  2. I’ve been saying this eversince you started posting video game clothing a while back: you can NEVER pull off the looks that people in video games/movies pull off, never.

  3. I think it’s because they’re all being posers/trying to pull off the look of the kind of character that would wear this jacket. When you’re forcing out that kind of energy and look in a non-genuine way, of course it’s going to make you look like a total douche or tool.

    …at least that’s what I am thinking when it comes to this. It’s just my opinion.

  4. I actually believe that it’s possible to wear the (highly 80s influenced) Scorpion satin Jacket without looking like a total.. joker. Think it depends on how you ‘wear’ it, like how it looks/fits your body.

    I, for example, didn’t pose with a hammer and took a picture with my cellphone, in front of a mirror and post it on instragram, tumblr or whatever.. Many did, they might just be happy for the jacket.

    As an alternative, you can buy the black satin ‘Stealth’ version. Looks a bit more neutral too!

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