Mother’s Day is Coming

Above we have a new video from our friends at Virgin Mobile reminding us that yes, Mother’s Day is this weekend. It’s got Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman having a painful conversation with her daughter that echoes probably a few we’ve had with our own parents. The beginning about cell phone instruction is one I’ve had about two dozen times with my mom since she got her iPhone.

The video’s about a rather widespread issue with my generation, the fact that a TON of us have to move back home after graduation because there are no jobs for anyone who isn’t in engineering or pharmacy. Well, I’m exaggerating, but it is a common problem. Any of you facing it? No fun, am I right? Anyone manage to finally escape?

Ironically, I’m self-sufficient now, living on my own, except for the fact that I’m actually STILL on my family’s phone plan, hah.

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