Miss Girls? Here Are 15 Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch in the Meantime

Yesterday Lena Dunham got what she deserved. That girl just had it coming, you know? Her and her clever TV show totally deserved those five Emmy nominations. Because thanks to her (and Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner), we’ve got a show on television that says, “Screw you Hollywood! My boyfriend loves my potbelly!”

But all this Emmy stuff reminded me of how much I miss Girls. Sure, I can re-watch the whole first season once, twice, ten times. But that still wouldn’t be enough. So to cheer up my own spirits, and maybe even yours, I’ve made a list of movies and TV shows we should watch (together, holding hands) in the meantime. Perhaps these will fill the void… perhaps.

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Cyber chat, teen sexuality, obsessions – what’s not to love? This is Miranda July’s very best.


Oliver Tate is a nut who measures his parents intimacy by the light switch in their bedroom. Don’t believe anything he says, but do enjoy it. Submarine is quirky, smart, interesting, and funny, just like Girls.

My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life is one of the few TV shows that understood the American teenager. Like really understood them. These shows today just don’t get it (here’s looking at you Gossip Girl and 90210). Unfortunately there’s only one season. Fortunately, it’s on Netflix, so there you go.

Heavenly Creatures

After watching this movie, I went through a brief phase in my life where I really believed I had tuberculosis. I didn’t. Anyway, this movie is grrr-reat (Tony the Tiger voice). It’s about two girls who are obsessed with each other… in a best friends kind of way.


I’ve realized that Juno and Girls talk the same way, like a modern-day Woody Allen.

Welcome To The Dollhouse

You think Hannah puts herself through embarrassing situations? Meet Dawn Weiner. Her awful experiences will make your toes curl… twice, and haunt you for the rest of your life.

The Graduate

The Graduate is about a college graduate who can’t really figure out what to do with his life. Girls is about the exact same thing.

John And Mary

John and Mary remind me of Adam and Hannah. They both have these great conversations that make them realize things about themselves and their dating habits. That’s why John and Mary seems appropriate. Plus its got the best actor of all time – Dustin Hoffman.


To be honest, Christian Bale in Metroland reminds me of the men of Girls. He’s just that guy. The one who doesn’t want to settle down or have responsibilities. Come to think of it, he’s more like Hannah.

Fat Girl

Fat Girl is outrageous. Probably a little too much for this list. But since Girls freely tackles body image issues, I’ll throw it in here.

The Group

The Group is one of Lena Dunham’s favorite movie adaptations. It’s about a bunch of girls who graduate from college and their lives after the fact. Ring any bells?


Actually, just about any Woody Allen movie would fill that Girls-void. So, how about you invite all your friends over and throw a marathon? If you haven’t seen Sleeper, start with that. It’s about relationships and love and jealousy. And it’s all set up against a futuristic backdrop. It’s quiet fascinating.


I haven’t finished watching all of Louie yet, but I get the gist of it. It’s basically Girls for middle-aged, divorced men. The show has a bleak worldview, but it’s hilarious.

Tiny Furniture

And of course, Tiny Furniture. Just in case you haven’t, for some odd reason, watched it yet. It’s like the movie version of Girls. I’ve watched it at least 43 times.

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  1. Juno is one of those movies that if it’s on TV, and even though I own it, I have to watch it!

    *sigh* Oh Gossip Girl how I miss when you were awesome. Having never been to New York I liked thinking that’s how ultra rich kids spent their time/talked to eachother/partied…

  2. Curious to know if any guys recommend watching Girls, and what it’s similar too. Also had to laugh at Louie is Girls for middle aged men.

  3. @ Billiam I’ve seen Girls and I would definitely recommend it for guys. Not only is it genuinely funny no matter what gender you are, but I think it gives guys a lot to think about, even if you disagree with some of it. Also, I really need to see Tiny Furniture.

  4. Nothing funny about that show, I think it’s vulgar and repugnant. The only reasons i got passed the first episode is because of the two hot girls and the quirky one. I hate that fat girl. She’s fat ugly and stupid. I don’t need television to watch ogres like her.

    The show is good for one thing, to teach you the type of women to keep the f*ck away from. If you see any of their traits, then run for dear life.

  5. @keo why are you such a hater of humans? Unreality Magazine is a place of love, not hate. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Lena Dunham is awesome.

  6. @keo
    Thanks dude for your comment! Now are we as men completely screwedd ! Now every girl thinks we are some f*cking haters. For all the men i wanted to say to all the girls: Sorry about him. It isnt his fault. (neighter do us)

    And, no keo, i am not gay, i really loved the show. (the first season a bit more maybe)
    But, like Zack already said, it doesnt really matter which gender you are, it is very funny and in someways to realistic.

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