Miranda Lawson is the Best Bit of Mass Effect Cosplay to Date

This incredible, surreal set of photos comes from Dark Stars Photography, where they’ve recruited Polish model Jessika F to stand in for Yvonne Strahovski to do a little Mass Effect dress-up. Miranda Lawson was the bioengineered-to-perfection hottie of Mass Effect 2, and her coming to life is everything you would imagine it to be.

The photo shoot here is unique, as it blends fantasy elements and real life photography with the aid of Photoshop, and I particularly like the inclusion of the biotic-amp. Or is that an omni-tool? I never could tell them apart. The only bit of manipulation I don’t like here is that the pattern on her outfit seems to be added on after the fact, which doesn’t look terribly natural.

But overwhelmingly this is a pretty awesome photo project to behold, and you can check out the rest of the shoot below:

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  1. Really well done!

    The Jack version was incredible too. Thanks for putting in the superb effort.

    So can we see you in the loyalty full leather body suit next? 😉


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