Mario’s Other Woman, Rosalina, Brought to Life

When playing Super Mario Galaxy, I had a realization. “Mario, why do you keep chasing after this stupid princess? You have a much hotter princess right here, and she’s a magic space alien!”

Sadly, Nintendo hasn’t tried to pursue the princess love triangle angle yet, but Rosalina is a new face for the series which rarely sees any, and I hadn’t even thought to look for cosplay of her, as Peach has been done a million times.

But thank god for my latest hot cosplayer find, IchigoKitty who looks a bit less Asian than her name suggests. She has a lot of cool costumes, but her Rosalina really stood out to me, and I think you’ll appreciate the gallery below.

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  1. Were these pictures taken at severely different times? Her nails change in the pictures. Regardless, an excellent cosplay, and a smoking cosplayer.

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