Man Walks 5,600 Miles Across Australia in Stormtrooper Armor


Everyone, we’d like you to meet Scott Loxley.   Not only is he the man dressed in Stormtooper gear in this photo but he’s also doing it for a great cause.   Scott is a member of the 501st Legion, which is a charitable organization operated by Imperial Stormtroopers. Loxley’s plan is to walk around the entire coast of Australia,  almost 10,000 miles,to raise money for a children’s hospital.

So far Scott is more than halfway there amassing 5,600 miles.  His goal is to finish the trek by July of next year.  So far he has raised about $19,000 for Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, which will open in 2016. Loxley hopes to get as much as $87,000 by the end of the project.  Says writer Jenny Ryall:

He has gone through more than 20 pairs of shoes, eaten roadkill and slept in a swag by the side of the road. […]

It is an amazing story of survival in the harsh Australian outback, where he says his own company is the enemy but to get through he thinks of the children he can help. “You are fighting a mostly mental battle. Some days you wake up and don’t want to get up, and you think why I am doing this,” he said. “Before I started I went and visited the kids quite a lot of times, I dwell on that a lot and think of those kids on my bad days. Their bad days are worse than this.”

Via David Barry

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