Man, I Miss The Wire


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It’s not cool to make Obama parody posters anymore, but this one was too good to pass up. Reminds me of the good old, days watching eight episodes of The Wire in a row on DVD, witnessing for the first time what would become my second favorite show of all time (you guys have to know #1).

There really hasn’t been anything like it since then. I have heard literally NOTHING about David Simon’s new project Treme. I didn’t even know it was airing already until a few weeks ago.

With shows like this, BSG, Arrested, The Sopranos, Lost, and 24 all over, does anyone feel like TV just isn’t as good as it used to be?

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  1. Well. Now we have: Dexter, Fringe, Breaking bad, V, True Blood, Damages, the aforementioned Treme…
    And Im waiting for The walking dead, Rubicon, Game of thrones and Broadwalk Empire.
    There still are some really good T.V shows IMO

  2. While I loved LOST & the Wire dearly – I agree with the above, that there are still plenty of incredible shows. I know on a personal level, it sucks having shows that mean so much to you be over. But…

    Breaking Bad, Dexter, Fringe, Mad Men…are all fantastic shows! I would have to say, Breaking Bad def filled the void for LOST being over for me. I’ve really been drawn to the characters. And I can’t wait for the next season already (sucks Breaking Bad season 3 ended 4 weeks after LOST).

    Summers usually suck anyways for TV. I enjoy SyFy shows for what they are (Eureka, Warehouse 13) – but eh.

  3. Well, obviously it’s a matter of personal taste, but I don’t see how anyone can understand the greatness of Season 4 of The Wire, IMO the best season of the best TV show ever, and compare that to Season 3 of Breaking Bad. It’s a good show, but nowhere near as deep, intelligent or sublime as The Wire. The Walking Dead is another show that seems to be getting alot of love, but it’s just a soap opera WITH ZOMBIES.

  4. I am trying to track down origin of this image. Did you make it? is there an acknowledgement somewhere on your site and I am just too daft to see it? (this is likely).

    I would greatly appreciate

    1. It was actually sent to us and we didn’t get a source. If you know what it is we’d like it to and we’ll update this post. Feel free to email us!

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