Making of the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth

I find it kind of interesting that you can watch an entire movie and not even realize that some of the characters take hours upon hours daily to make up.   Like you just don’t think that an actor had to sit in some chair each and every day of a shoot and put on gallons of crap for hours on end before even shooting a piece of film.   You simply watch the movie and see the characters and that’s that.

I mean think about a movie series like Harry Potter or even Star Wars.  Think about all that goes into each character.   It’s truly amazing.   Another movie that comes to mind?  Pan’s Labyrinth.   We were able to get a hold of some awesome pictures of the making of the Faun from this movie.

As you can see, this person had to sit for a very long time while the process went on…..

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  1. Im glad first one to be able to say this. If you have not seen this show you yet check out the show Face Off. It is pretty much American Idol for Makeup Artists. It is a really good Tv show.

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