Five LOST Spin-Offs I’d Like to See Happen


Now that we’re finally removed from LOST (but don’t worry Paul has his final LOST review coming later today) it’s given us all some time to reflect on the show.  Countless theories are going to be formed.  Some people are upset, some not.  Some people wish we’d been given more.  Some people are happy with the way things played out.  It’s like any other show that ends and it’ll probably be talked about in small circles for years to come.  P.S. I absolutely loved the finale but I’ll let Paul cover it.

And while we’re not 100% sure what’s in store for the cast members I think most of us can agree that it’s going to be very hard for these people to land gigs that will even remotely compare to that on LOST.  In fact most have said they want to take time off.  Hmm, living in Hawaii for six years and being part of one of the biggest shows of the decade?  Yeah I’d need a break too.

Luckily for Hollywood we here at Unreality are inventive and thus I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with 5 LOST spin-offs that I think just might work….

“Hurley’s House of Chicken”


If any of you have ever seen the move Waiting then I think you might be able to appreciate this.  You have this restaurant kind of like a Fridays’ and it’s owned by Hurley.   He’s the fat funny manager and then there’s your cast of waiters.  You get into their lives and watch them as they comically wait tables.   There’s the handsome lead waiter, sexy hostess and bartender, and the awkward tension between lead waiter and other lead waitress which drones on for 6 seasons.  It’s got sitcom written all over it.   It would fail in 3 episodes but I’d like to see them try.

“The Matthew Fox Crying Hour”

Fox Crying

Come on guys.  Matthew Fox needs his own talk show.  He just needs to let it out every day doesn’t he?  The guy cries more than every Oprah guest combined.   We need a sensitive male out there don’t we?  Screw Dr. Phil.  Matthew Fox is should be the new man we let into our hearts during daytime TV.

“Sayid’s House of Pain”


Put this show on the discovery channel.  Each episode we explore a new method of torture and test it out on some criminal who’s been sentenced to death or something.  Since they’re going to die anyway we might as well use them as guinea pigs right?  As unrealistic a show as that sounds like, you’re telling me you wouldn’t tune in at least once?



In a light similar to “House,”  I think a show called “Linus” would kick ass.  But instead of being a doctor Ben is a therapist.  So the show would kind of be like HBO’s “In Treatment” only way cooler because Ben would be manipulating every patient into doing some really messed up stuff for his own personal gain.  My one beef with LOST in the last season is that Linus wasn’t important enough for way too many episodes.  I’m glad he became more focal towards the end though.

“Hume’s Travels”


Of all the characters on LOST, Desmond definitely has the coolest powers.  The guy can take in radioactive energy and not die.  Not to mention he can basically see into the future.  If you had one man who was always seeing into the future but was living in two parallel universes while at the same time saving the world by taking in energetic blasts it might make for a decent sci-fi show.   And just make sure he says “brutha” a lot.

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  1. There could be one about Sawyer being a dad and raising his kid. Like, he doesn’t get back with the one chick but he’s in the down and has to deal with her every time he wants to see his daughter and stuff. He can get a job as like…I dunno a car salesman or a construction worker and have to deal with a mouthy boss or something LOL

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