Living in the Future: CGIAudrey Hepburn Sells Chocolate


I’m still trying to figure out whether to put this in the “creepy” or “cool” column, but you can take it for what it is. And what is it? The ghost of Aubrey Hepburn selling chocolate.

Using the voodoo magic of CGI, UK chocolate company Galaxy has resurrected the film icon using a full recreation of the actress who died in 1993. It’s actually surprisingly well done, though I’m not sure about the future implications of the concept. Heath Ledger Virgin Mobile ads anyone?

But don’t worry, Heburn’s family has greenlit this (they’d kind of have to) and issued this statement:

“Our mother often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit so we’re sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy.”

A nice sentiment, though I suspect there are few people on earth who haven’t professed their love for chocolate at one point or another. I don’t know, I guess dead people don’t mind, but if this is going to start to be a trend, it’s going to get very weird very quickly I imagine.

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  1. I think it’s awful. The dead can’t endorse anything, animating their visage from beyond the grave to sell chocolates (or anything else) is inexcusable. The person with that face died, using that face without their permission or will behind it is like some sort of marketing necromancy. A soulless zombie animated by digital trickery to sell snacks.

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