Live Action Dragonball Z Trailer Better than Actual Live Action Movie


Above is a five-minute long fan-created trailer for what a live action Dragonball Z movie might look like. Of course there WAS a live-action Dragonball Z movie made, but it was pretty horrid abomination whose only achievement was being better than the even worse Street Fighter movie released around the same time.

Here, the action and character actually mirror the comic including a (gasp!) Asian Goku. It’s amazing what getting that right will do for your credibility.

Of course, it’s a bit cheesy, but these are pretty decent effects for a fan budget. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t get chills when Goku started Kame-hame-ing. Watch until the end so you get the full effect.

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  1. All this proves is that certain stories only work in their particular medium. A live action Dragonball, or any anime for that matter, is damned from the beginning because the translation to realism leads to a silly looking world, unless it’s drastically changed, alienating any fans of the original.

  2. Here are some more reasons why a live action DBZ could never work. The TV show took 5 episodes to get through a single battle, people moved so fast they seemed to teleport, most attacks are 100% CGI, everyone is constantly flying, and much more basically: you can’t have a real person with Goku hair that doesn’t look absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Thanks for posting this, I have been looking out for it since I caught them filming it while climbing and kayaking around Swanage in the UK.

    Weirdest thing carrying your climbing gear into an old quarry and finding Piccolo standing there.

  4. hahahahah@ V thats hilarious defianately a doable movie though they could average the time into about 3 hours i would pay double the movie going prices to see that movie especially if it was as good as this trailer i suggest the director and producer of this trailer make the movie if it does happen cuz that made my skin crawl and brought me back to when i was a child watching dragonball on tv

  5. Are you kidding? The Dragon Ball live action movie was on par with the Super Mario Bros movie. It was as if they never even glanced at the source material for that movie. Everyone involved with that should have been taken behind a shed and shot.

  6. Two things. One, a minor but very overlookable continuity error. Goku shouldn’t have King Kai’s symbol on his back at this point. And two, what is the big deal with Goku’s ethnicity? He’s an alien, so technically it doesn’t matter what race he belongs to. Greg pointed this out too.

  7. Wow! this is like a 40-50% beyond what the dragon ball evolution looked like, It was amazing! But casting and costumes were ok! not great! if you can get better casts and costumes , you Guys will be loved by all the DBZ fans! and effects were truly awesome, evolution had nothing, and the close combats were like the anime, that was really cool,! You Should go forward with the full movie! Best wishes

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