King Joffrey Cuddles a Puppy

I’m still trying to understand Vine, a mobile app/site that appears to make it easier for people to make really short videos or really long GIFs depending on how you look at it.

I haven’t seen anything too terribly interesting crammed into five seconds so far on the site’s videos, as people think five seconds of their lives are far more interesting than they are, but this was the first video I deem fantastic enough to post.

It’s King Joffrey, aka actor Jack Gleason, cuddling a little puppy on the street. Normally we’d see him skewering one with a crossbow instead (I think his propensity for puppy killing is even mentioned on the show by Tyrion), but turns out that Gleason enjoys small animals just like the rest of us in real life. There’s just something about Game of Thrones where it’s always so freaking strange to see the actors being normal out in our modern day world.

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