Juxtaposing Toys and Different Time Eras

Once again, I’ve come across a wacky photoshop idea from Something Awful that I could not have come up with on my own.   It’s a simple idea really but something that winds up being quite funny.

You take toys from this era and you paste them onto famous old pictures, paintings, whatever.   And honestly that’s really it.

So without further adieu, here you go….

It’s Less Bloody This Way

Hitler Would Have Been More Calm with a Yo Yo

I Wish


I’ll Take Park Place

Yes Wii Can!

He Really is a Guitar Hero

Jenga Anyone?

You Sunk My Battleship!


Asteroids Kicks ass

Light brite

Soapbux Buggy!

I Can See Through Anything

I Will Not Trade this Card!

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  1. I was gonna go on this rant about how Hendrix would probably condemn guitar hero, but then I remember this is all in good fun, so I say, “Hahahahahahahaha, BULLSHIT.”

    Carry on.

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