Jason Isley’s Underwater Miniatures


This is an awesome project from Jason Isley that I thought was so cool, it didn’t even matter that it wasn’t about cosplay or Pokemon.

Rather, it’s a series of photos where Isley pairs odd looking sea life with miniature figures, normally seen on train dioramas and such. About half the gallery is about cleaning up pollution in the water, the other half is just fun, like toy soldiers fighting eels and such. Isley explains his inspiration:

” I was completely bored with macro photography, most people are, which is why snoots and diopters are used – to spice up the macro. I was looking for something completely different, something that would create a response. I came across the work of Christopher Boffoli and Slinkachu who had both used miniatures in still-life sets and suddenly thought ‘what if you actually shot them with living creatures?’”

Check out the full gallery below:




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