“It’s Bigger on the Inside”


The idea of a magical, mystical object that’s bigger on the inside did not start or end with Doctor Who’s TARDIS, though it’s known for being associated with that phrase the most. Dern and O Abnormal hunted through pop culture history to remind us all the other times such objects have existed.

The only one I thought I’d find here that I didn’t see what the lamp from I Dream of Jeannie, but I guess that just shrinks people down to get inside of it, right? But doesn’t the Pokeball do that too? And do ghosts need all that much room? Oh, the confusing problems of imaginary science. So silly.

[Hello With Cheese via NerdApproved]

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  1. The GhostBusters’ Ghost Trap confuses me. I thought of it as compressing the ghosts and not actually being large inside, similar to the magic lamp stuff. But yea, then the pokeball gets a bit confusing too.

  2. And what about Link’s item bag? In all the Legend of Zelda series each bag seems to get bigger and bigger, capable of holding things that are sometimes bigger than the character, without even being noticed until you pull it out…although I must agree with Jason, the Wardrobe should seriously be in there, seeing as it contains an entire world in it.

  3. oh geez, the wardrobe didn’t have a country in it, it was just a doorway. evidence: when they returned to our world, the door was closed and would never be a path to narnia again.

    (why was it a doorway? because it was made from the wood of a tree that was grown from the core of a fruit from narnia that was planted in our world. narnia movie buffs would know that if hollywood would GET OFF THEIR ASS and make the magician’s nephew!)

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