Inspired by Banksy, UK Street Artist JPS Gave Up Drugs for Street Art


Every once in a while we see an artist who rises above the rest.   In recent weeks a viral photo of a 3D cat walking on a chain as been going around the internet.  Turns out the street art picture was done by none other than Jamie Scanlon, AKA JPS.  Jamie had this to say about his art:

I got into street art in 2009 after visiting Banksy’s excellent museum exhibition which inspired me to face up my problems with drinking and drugs. I replaced all that buzz with illegally painting, although the greatest part is people liking my work and being able to feel as though I’m giving something back to the world. Here is a selection of some of my works.

Jamie, we’re glad you got into street art because your work kicks ass!  Check out some of Jamie’s work after the jump










You can see more of JPS’s work on his Facebook Page  and here

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