Incredible Geek Tattoos Spotted at SDCC 2016

Geek Tattoos

Geeky people with tattoos tend to have geeky tattoos, so it’s no wonder that you can find some amazing geek tattoos at the San Diego Comic Con. Here are a few of the best and coolest tattoos we spotted at the convention.  To give you a preview of what you’re about to see – here are some captions you might enjoy:

Even the most dedicated Lord of the Rings fan has probably never seen the Witch-King of Angmar like this. You know what they say -if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Some girls like princesses that follow all the rules, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, but others like girls who defy authority.

That’s why she had the princesses Daenerys, Merida and Mulan tattooed on her sleeve.

Check out the incredible geek tattoos of SDCC 2016!

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