In Case You Ever Wanted to See Google’s Headquarters

I’ve never been inside the offices of Google but I know someone who used to work in the New York offices.  All the rumors of Segways and playgrounds are 100% true.   Apparently there are tons of perks, a ton of comfort, and an all around fun feeling in the offices.

I’m assuming the same is true for the Mountain View offices as well.  Hell you would hope that one of the most successful companies in the world would be a fun place to work.  Unfortunately that’s not the case for the rest of the world.  But for Google it seems to be.

Work hard.  Play hard.  Nothing wrong with that.  Check out the pics

Well it’s not a segway but having a scooter is kind of cool, no?

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  1. As I sit at my shiity desk (with one broken leg), a probable asbestos exposure creeps into my lungs.

    I am fighting the urge not to stab myself in the neck.

    Can I be a damn Google janitor…

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