If Tony Stark Was a Genetic Engineer Instead

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Here’s a wicked looking piece of concept art from Retrovenus Miravis which imagines what Iron Man might have looked like if Tony Stark was a master of genetics rather than electrical and mechanical engineering.

The result? It’s pretty damn cool if I do say so myself. I’m not sure how I feel about the “nightmare eye” (Soul Calibur reference), but the rest of him is on point. Can we please get a full Avengers horror collection going? Serial Killer Thor, Traitorous Captain America, Hulk…well, Hulk can stay pretty similar I guess. Just make him red.

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  1. Wouldn’t traitorous Thor be better for alliteration, and condemned captain America, and horrific hulk…. Really dropped the ball on the clever factor

  2. Thank you David. That is exactly what I thought too. Symbiote mixed with the Guyver. Still pretty cool.

    and now Black Widow with four asses. (south park reference)

  3. I suppose if the name “Iron Man” implied his flesh was or could become at a focal point as hard as “iron” (or whatever Tony Stark’s suit is really made out of at this point)…

  4. @steven. Grey hulk isnt the dark side of hulk its the first hulk. His name is also joe-fix-it. He is all the strength plus most of banners brains he is a smart hull which is really dangerous for his enemies. Red hulk is more like the evil hulk even though it isnt banner.

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