If Dexter Was a Sitcom


We may be in the off-season of Dexter right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a break from Game of Thrones to post a Dex-related video.

YouTuber CynicalKoala (fantastic name) decided to see what it might be like if Dexter was a sitcom rather than a dark serial killer drama. There are definitely a few comedic elements in the show, so what better way to let people know when to laugh than by inserting a track that instructs them to do so?

I really can’t explain why laugh tracks worked so well for so many years, right up until Seinfeld and Friends, but now they’re just atrocious whenever you hear them.

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  1. Laugh tracks have trained me to the point where I don’t laugh unless I hear one. I mean, of course some things in sitcoms aren’t funny and a laugh track isn’t going to make me laugh at something that isn’t. However, I have NOT laughed because of the lack of one. I realized this while watching reruns of MASH. I think once Alan Alda took over directing he got rid of the laugh track, and I didn’t realize this until sometime later when I said to myself “Why isn’t MASH funny anymore?” And then I noticed the laugh track was missing. Kind of freaked me out, realizing that I needed a laugh track in order for things to be funny!

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