If Comic Characters Got High, This is How They’d Do It










Here are a few good points that have to be made. tell us if you agree!

1. Considering Jubilee’s powers develop into full-blown Nuclear blasts, someone needs to get her into a 12 step program.
2. Cyclops’s optic blasts don’t produce heat.
3. I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable in seeing my symbols of hope as drug addicts.
4. So THAT’S why they launched him into space.
5. Poison Ivy is immune to the poisonous effects of plants… She literally couldent do anything that is naturally occurring in plants.

Comic via JHall

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  1. wolverine has probably been on all the drugs. ofcourse he burns through them faster than…something really really fast. he joked once that he gets weekend tattoos. but has been banned from several studios and artists because because they get offended by him “removing them”. as in tattoos are scars and he heals so they vanish in a weekend.

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