I Had No Idea There were This Many Awesome Karate Kid Mashups


As I was listening to “You’re the Best” for the 1000th time on my iPod the other day, I realized that there had to be some great Karate Kid mashups out there.  Not only ones utilizing the aforementioned classic song by Joe Espisit, but some creative stuff that I had been perhaps missing out on.

And sure enough, there were a bunch.  I had no idea so many fans wanted to see alternate endings or portray Daniel and Miyagi as a gay couple.  You guys sure have vivid imaginations out there huh?

Here are 10 awesome Karate Kid mashups

Bat for Lashes


Rocky III You’re the Best Mashup

You’re the Best Neo

The Karate Kid Begins

Johnny Wins – This is Awesome


The Extended Kreese Scene

Another Alternate Ending

The Brokeback Kid


Re-Cut Karate Kid Three Trailer

Karate Kid as a Thriller


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