I Got Married!

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No Pokemon or Disney Princesses here, just an actual princess, my new wife! I got married this weekend, in case you missed that memo, and it was an absolute blast.

I’ve written before about how “the unreal life is better,” when we use media as a form of escapism from everyday life. But trust me, in the end, real life wins out. There’s nothing that can top the experience of what I felt this weekend with all my family, friends, and of course, my new wife. It was simply incredible.

Anyway, I’m only sharing this with you all because you’re my internet family who was too big to fit on the invite list. Much thanks to Benny for holding things down while I was away, and she’ll be doing the same thing when I leave for my honeymoon in two weeks.

Love you guys! Okay, time to watch the premiere of Breaking Bad and start playing catch up..


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  1. Congratulations Paul. Now we know where you get all your talent and drive from… Mrs. Tassi!

    But seriously… You’ve gotta lock that down. Best Wishes to both of you.

  2. Heyo. I genuinely wish you the very best.

    What’s a positive comment worth these days? DOESN’T MATTER. Let these people have their happiness.

    Please keep filling this website with awesome content. MERCI!

  3. Congratulations Paul. I’ve been reading the site since 2007. You and Dan O’Brien of Cracked are the two internet personalities I’ve been following the most in that time. Happy to see that you’re doing great. Seriously, congratulations again.

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