I Don’t Understand Japan and Their Giant Chocolate John McClane


Well, the reviews of A Good Day to Die Hard are abysmal enough where I’m not about to go see it this weekend, but it seems that Japan was pretty excited about the film. They just don’t really know how to properly express that.

That’s why things like life size chocolate statues of John McClane exist. Because Japan. That’s really all their is to it. I’m really quite impressed with it, particularly the detail on the chocolate machine gun. The only way I would be more impressed was if it shot M&Ms.

There’s one more picture below so you can see how big this thing actually is. Sadly, Bruce Willis does not surprised everyone by bursting out of it.


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  1. The critics are wrong on this one. I saw it last night and enjoyed it a lot! It featured some pretty awesome nods to the previous installments and didn’t drag on too long.

    It’s Die Hard and he’s a wascally wabbit who gets harder to kill in every movie. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as good as 1 or 3 but at least on par with 2 and better than 4

  2. There’s a pretty simple explanation – Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day in Japan is basically just women buying massive tons of chocolate and giving it out as presents to people. And man, does Japan like chocolate. So an action movie coming out almost exactly on Valentines Day? Let’s make a chocolate statue of the hero! Not really that weird.

    Maaaaan, do I want to eat that thing.

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