How to Farm the Spare Rations Hand Cannon in “Destiny 2”

Players of the game “Destiny 2” have figured out how to farm the spare rations hand cannon. If you’re not yet familiar with it, or you’re new to the game, its weapon that is a recent addition. It was introduced as a new piece in “Season of the Drifter,” and it’s something that you will really want to acquire. Here is everything that you need to know to farm the new weapon in “Destiny 2.” Although it’s new, players have a growing fondness for the new weapon. Sherpa’s of Destiny gives us a little more insight into the new weapon. They reveal the fact that there are a few specific perks that you need to farm for with the Spare Ration. The god roll is one of them. It’s their pick for one of the most effective perks for the hand cannon weapon within this version of the meta. The hand cannon has some of the highest base statistics, which is something to shoot for. When you consider that the stability starts at 50, the handling at 74, and the aim assist is 92 at the get-go, these are some pretty compelling reasons to farm the weapon. The kinetic hand cannon is faster than most other weapons with a lightweight frame, according to This Week in Video Games. This is the weapon that you want to have for the final boss fight if you want to take him down in the end.

How do you get the new hand cannon in spare rations?

There are a few different ways to get this weapon, but the best is via The Reckoning or the Gambit Prime. The drop rates are higher than the previous year in both. If you play several matches without a drop, keep playing because you’ll eventually get a weapon reward. Be forewarned that the runs don’t always result in a dropped weapon, yet some have multiple drops. Plan on playing several games before you get a drop. The most likely drop comes when you’re fighting the Likeness of Oyrx running Tier 2. If you’re past Shadowkeep, it’s a free play now but there are a few steps you need to take to get to The Reckoning.

How to get to The Reckoning

First, you must move through the User Testing quest and complete it. You have to talk to the Drifter to get this quest. Take the quest and while you’re at it get your Gambit Prime bounties by running Gambit Prime. after you’ve done all of this, go talk to the Drifter again for the item that will let you access The Reckoning. It’s a weak synthesizer. It lets you choose Gambit Prime armor when you’re in the Reckoning. Add a synth type to activate the weak armor before entering the Reckoning match. If you win the match you’ll get new armor.

Access to tier 2

To get into Reckoning’s Tier 2, you need to get to the Middling Synthesizer. Keep going back to the Drifter for weekly bounties to finally get upgraded to the Middling Synthesizer. It gives you access to higher tiers and lets you craft weapons that are more powerful. Access Tier 2 of The Reckoning and complete all phases, defeating the Likenex of Oryx to raise the number of Spare Rations drops. After getting your Spare Rations drop, go into the Crucible and spread the wealth with the Guardians. This allows you to farm the roll you desire.

Steps after The Reckoning

There are quite a few tiers of The Reckoning mode, but in most cases, you won’t need to go beyond Tier 3, according to Prime Games. It’s been discovered that achieving a certain difficulty level improves the odds of dropping the Hand Cannon significantly and reaching Tier 3 in The Reckoning is the best way to do it. Although still not guaranteed, it’s more likely that this weapon’s drop rate will be a lot better after killing the final boss. This is pretty much what you need to do, along with having a bit of patience and tenacity while you’re working through it.

Other tips for getting the kinetic hand cannon

Game Rant throws in a few more tips and suggestions. Farming is influencing the drop rate in Spare Rations. Increasing the likelihood of a hand cannon drop means the completion of Tier 3. Although players who have a minimum power of 680 may be successful, they recommend upping that minimum to 690 to more effectively tackle the challenges that you’ll encounter and to make it go a lot faster. They point out that although you can access the hand cannon in the new Gambit Prime mode, be forewarned that the drop rates are lower in this mode in comparison to those in the Reckoning after tier 3. Some prefer earning the curated roll for spare rations in the Gambit Prime mode, and while this is fine, it’s a lot faster when you go through the Reckoning. It’s interesting to note, however, that there are a lot of random perks that can be rolled in Gambit Prime, including rampage, multi-kill clip, subsistence, and overflow, jacking the cannon’s magazine up to 28 rounds.

Final thoughts

Farming the new Spare Rations Hand Cannon in “Destiny 2” isn’t that difficult when you know the proper steps to take to make it happen. The key is to influence the drop rate and make it as high as you possibly can. The consensus is that this is best accomplished by completing Tier 3 in The Reckoning. Although there are a few other advantages to The Gambit Prime mode, you will get the highest drop rates in The Reckoning. Follow the simple steps provided in the thigh guide and be as patient as possible because your dedication will eventually deliver a drop of the hand cannon.

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