How To Distract Yourself From Thinking About That Game You Want To Play


Japanese games are the worst, especially the ones that take over a year to localize. Meanwhile, us westerners are expected to resist the urge to take a peek of the end of the game and think to ourselves “why is the main villain standing alongside the heroes, wait … that guy’s suppose to be dead and why’s my avatar the final boss?”

Comic via Julia Lepetit

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  1. I’m resistant to this because of two thigns. One, I haven’t been into a story ’cause of the content, but they way things are told, which makes me wonder when I don’t see the twist coming if it’ll truly happen. And secondly in regards to games gameplay is hard to grasp how it’ll feel when you eventually play it. I mean, AC looks cooler than how it’s played, the Soul series is SLOW, and Nintendo games I don’t know how, but they for the most part they give a lot of control to the player, which makes me wish some of their games were harder since the controls are soo goood.

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