How a Man Becomes Steel

Alright, I’ll say up front that I’m not posting this ad for money or to secretly try and subvert our impressionable readers to run out and join the National Guard.

That said, I did find something oddly cool about watching Superman, as Henry Cavill, work out in the gym that get that ridiculous ass body we see on film. Obviously, this isn’t a complete rundown of his workout, and is more or less an ad for the National Guard, but it’s still pretty cool to see the training that goes into something like this. And I even thing he’s a lot bigger in the movie than what we see here. I bet he did a bunch of push-ups right before that shirtless laundry-snatching scene. That’s his secret…

Now, go join the National Guard and you can be a superhero too.

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  1. I have an unlimited amount of respect for hollywood actors who can work up a body like that. Given that they do have access to some of the best physical trainers in the world, the amount of work and willpower that goes into toning yourself up like that is uncanny. Maybe it’s easier if your driven by a million dollar paycheck.

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