Hell is Us is an Innovative Third-Person Adventure Coming Soon

Hell is Us is a new action-adventure game being made by Rogue Factor. Humankind has always been known to be the “most dangerous animal on the planet.” This game will focus on that sentiment by having players take center stage within a country where people are at each other’s throats. With no rhyme or reason, the carnage is abound and players will need to explore this desolate place and get to the root of the cause. The main factor of gameplay with Hell is Us will be the melee combat. It is noted to be deep, nuanced, and robust. This game will offer many nooks and crannies to explore through the semi-open maps rife with things to find and missions to accomplish. Perhaps, it will also have a Metroidvania angle to where certain tools will be needed to gain access to new places, just like in God of War and its ilk. Of course, this remains to be seen.

Naturally, players won’t be alone in their journey. There will be all sorts of creatures to encounter, each with their own sets of moves and weaknesses. Even though there is a civil war ravaging the country, the supernatural beasts roaming the lands offer a unique threat to the player. Conventional weapons won’t work, either. There will be mystical weapons to unearth in Hell is Us. Brandishing these arms will slay these monsters, however, dealing with people is another matter. It appears that players will need to constantly switch up their tactics in order to deal with their foes accordingly. What these beings are will be up to the player to solve. Nobody really knows where they came from. All that is known is that they showed themselves shortly after all the turmoil in the population started to spark up. These monstrosities are known as “The Calamity.”

Repeating of History

The backdrop of Hell is Us will be the Civil War and it will splinter humankind into various factions. Everything from religion, politics, ideologies, and government structures will be layered into the game. The player will slowly peel away the differences between all the areas and the population that dwells within. Each place gives a distinct flavor and a new set of problems to solve. This game will be played from the third person perspective, allowing a full view of the combat for players to feast their eyes on. It’s currently unknown how realistic the combat is going to be since this game is very early in development. There have been some pictures of the main protagonist holding a buster sword while accompanied by a drone. This artwork gives a good indicator of how this game will play, with a good chance that maybe it could be following the footsteps of Jedi: Fallen Order in terms of its gameplay.

With that said, there are a lot of appeals here. Hell is Us is aiming to have a satisfying combat system, a meaningful story, and a rich world to explore. This game won’t be for the faint of heart, either. There will be no markers, highlights, compass, or maps. Players will be forced to use their own navigation skills and find out what’s out there. Discover what’s out on the horizon by simply looking out into the distance and trying to arrive at what seems interesting. Players will be writing their own stories while playing this game. The developers are experimenting with a new way to write a story by having the player come up with their own decisions. This game won’t be as cut and dry as other titles if it’s ilk. This will be more of an organic experience.

Curse of the Human Heart

Of course, the core of this game is for players to figure out what The Calamity is, where it came from, and how it’s connected with the Civil War that is unfolding. Hell is Us will offer other types of weapons to fight The Calamity. Everything from swords, axes, spears and other medieval weaponry can be forged from a special place that knows a thing or two about The Calamity. It is not currently noted whether or not there will be projectile weapons or firearms in Hell is Us. At this point, anything can happen with this game’s development choices. The most interesting aspect of this title is the fact that this game won’t be a linear experience. Players will be free to go wherever they please and kind of form their own adventure. Even though this game will be open-ended, there still be an ending of sorts that put everything into perspective and answer most questions players may have.

Even though this game came out of nowhere, there are some interesting choices being made. Hell is Us may seem like another dystopian hack and slash adventure, but it is offering something more special. This is a more poignant story and having freedom of choice is a craving many gamers have. Especially since we are now well into the ninth generation of consoles. Linear stories have their place, but for some gamers out there it’s becoming old hat. A game that offers something that makes someone feel like a kid sitting in their room and playing with their action figures is enticing. There are still a lot of questions floating around for Hell is Us and hopefully, the developers will drip-feed some information on how this game will play in the near future.

Calamity Pain

The overall concept of Hell is Us is an ambitious one. The fact that players can generally mold their own journey is something that not very many developers are willing to tackle. It could be a while before we get a gameplay trailer for this game. The production seems to be slightly past the prep cycle. Therefore, it could be a year or two before this game actually gets released. Hell is Us is expected to be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC whenever it comes out. This game appears to have a lot of potential to become a sleeper hit if everything falls into place.

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