Got an Hour to Kill? 10 Awesome James Bond Chase Scenes


If you read yesterday’s post on awesome vintage Jame Bond Movie posters you may recall me saying that I regretted not having watched enough Bond Movies.   Well, I’m still waiting for the next TNT Bond Marathon but in the meantime I did manage to do a little research around the internet.

And since chase scenes have always been a delight for me I figured that Bond movies most certainly live atop the ladder in that department.  While car scenes are rampant, boat scenes, running scenes, and others are great examples of chase scenes as well.

Here are 10 awesome James Bond Chase Scenes.

Casino Royale:  Madagascar Chase Scene

Tomorrow Never Dies:  Car Chase Scene

Die Another Day:  Car Chase Scene

Tank Chase From Goldeneye

Moonraker:  Boat Chase Scene in Venice

The World is Not Enough:  Boat Chase

For Your Eyes Only:  Motorcycle Ski Chase

Diamonds are Forever Mustang Mach 1 Car Chase

The Living Daylights:  Ice Chase

Goldfinger Car Chase Scene 

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  1. As with most lists, there is always that guy who says “You left out …” (fill in super cool left out bit here). Today, I am that guy.
    The chase scene between Roger Moore’s Bond driving a Lotus Esprit and a helicopter flown by Caroline Munro in 1977s “The Spy Who Loved Me” is awesome by a factor of 10. Also, Daniel Craig’s opening chase sequence from 2008’s “Quantum of Solace” is the best part of that movie, well the opera fight scene is wonderful, too.
    Also, Moore’s boat chase scene from 1973’s “Live and Let Die” is highly entertaining if only for its musical score.

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