Good Peter Pan Fanart is Very Hard to Come By

I don’t know what made me think of Peter Pan but for some reason I had this feeling that there would be this badass fanart out there.  You know, the kind of pictures that would make Peter Pan look like some kind of comic book hero with bulging muscles and what not.

I also felt that maybe some people would make Peter Pan futuristic with metallic costumes and guns.   Boy was I wrong.  It appears that EVERYONE seems to interpret the Pan in some kind of girly way.   My plea to you, Unreality readers, is to send us some badass pictures of Peter Pan.

For now, settle for the best Peter Pan fanart we could find…..

Pictures obtained through Deviantart.   If you are an artist that wants link credit please email us.

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  1. I’ll add this project to my “to do” list, right up there with giving Link a Mass Effect make-over and giving Sailor Moon some actual armor, to replace that flimsy sailor suit, that still manages to be sexy in its own way.

  2. This trend of girly Peter Pans might have something to do with the Book/Broadway show. Remember, Peter Pan was a book first, Broadway second, and THEN Disney movie. I used to have the video of the show, and Peter was played by Mary Martin. You heard right – a girl played Peter Pan. There’s gotta be something in that book that says “Peter Pan is girly”. lol I dunno, I can ask my friend, whom actually read it.
    Oh, and @Alaric – I’d love to see those drawings of Sailor Moon!

  3. Some of those Peter Pans are actually pretty hot. But why is he always portrayed as a teenager with pointy ears? He’s supposed to be a child, not a teenager. He’s the boy that will never grow up, and he can’t even understand romantic love, because he is a child, so it’s weird to insert sexuality into the story. Also, he’s human, not an elf, so he really shouldn’t have pointy ears. I love Peter Pan, but I stick with cannon, not Disney crap.

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