Five Awesome Musical Movie Remixes Using Key Phrases


When I was younger a very common practice I would engage in would be the repeating of awesome lines from a movie I had just seen.  In fact I still do this.  Most of us moviegoers do this.

However, before the advent of Youtube and clip editing from home all you really had was just that one line to repeat yourself.   Nowadays one liners and catch phrases are edited and made into beautiful concoctions of clips and melodies that we can be entertained by.

OK maybe some of them aren’t so beautiful but they are definitely entertaining.  Here are 5 that caught my eye.  Warning NSFW Language.

Give me Back My Son

Man this is good.

Christian Bale Remix


The “I Can’t Lie” Remix

This is actually so annoying that you have to smile eventually.  Then you’ll just get pissed off.

You’re Gonna Die Clown Remix

I think anything with Billy Madison is pretty good.  And watch Carl Weathers.

This is Sparta Remix

This one’s more for the visuals

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