Five Things I’ve Learned Writing on the Internet

It’s time for another somewhat meta post here on the site, where I talk about what it’s like to actually do this for a living. I’ve previously detailed how my day goes, that I write about 12-15 posts across four sites currently, and depending on the day’s events, can work long hours into the night doing so.

I’ve been writing full-time, in one form or another, for a little over two years now, and I’ve learned a few solid facts from my time on the web that I thought I’d share with you here. I’m guessing any of you out there who are writers yourselves, or write for any other sites will be able to relate with a lot of what I’m saying.

1. There is Someone Out There Who Will Disagree with ANYTHING

This is what I quickly learned after starting to write on the web full time. Early on, and still to a degree today, people seem to like my writing because I often encapsulate their views on things. For this site, that’s usually film, TV or video game related, but I’ve found the same to be true about college life and politics as well.

But I also learned that no matter how right you think you are about something, there is always someone waiting to rip your head off for what you think is a reasonable assertion.

The Town was a fun film? WORST MOVIE EVER.

Mad Men is a great show? BORING AS SHIT.

Mass Effect 2 has a good storyline? GODDAMN EMO SPACE SOAP OPERA.

Olivia Wilde is hot? FUGLY BUG-EYED TRAMP.

Honestly, it never fails to impress me how people can manifest pure hate for almost anything that most of us would generally agree is pretty alright, and it’s something I definitely had to get used to, though I’m pretty immune to it now.

2. Original Content is Hard to Find

Sometimes we get complaints on the site that we don’t feature enough original work, that we pull images and video from other places instead of doing things ourselves.

This is something I constantly struggle with. I really do try to put out as much original content as I can, which is why I do things like comics or lists or reviews or meta-posts like this, but fact is, when you’re running a site with two people, you have to make some hard calls. Do you spend all day creating one really awesome amazing fantastic post you think people will like? Or do you divide your attention up between one or two solid posts and then some other fun, but easier ones. Fact is, a site can rarely exist with only one or two posts a day. Really awesome webcomics do that, but I’ll be honest, my skills and creativity and other commitments just don’t allow me to devote that much time to getting something like that out every day.

I often get called out for finding these other picture or video posts on other sites or aggregators like Reddit. If it’s a site like mine that’s found it, I try to give them credit, but more importantly I always try to find the original artist or author, and make sure THEY get credit for original work. That’s what websites do. We don’t have time or manpower to make 100% original content, so we feature original content from OTHER places, and they do the same to us. As long as proper credit is given, it’s no big deal.

3. Working Without an Editorial Staff is a Double Edged Sword

Everyone loves writing on the internet because it’s more or less complete freedom. You can usually write about whatever you want with no repercussions, and so  long as you don’t offend your advertisers, you’re OK.

This is a far cry from the traditional newsroom, where everything goes through five different editors and fact checkers and copy hounds before it goes to print. When your site is staffed by two people, these kinds of checks don’t happen, and that’s why  often errors get through to final drafts of posts. This is true here, but even larger sites I work for, there’s really no editorial oversight, and I’m personally responsible for making sure everything is perfect. And as I said, I write 15 posts a day, so this is often extremely hard or impossible.

You may say, well why don’t you just read over everything. I can and do, but when YOU’VE written something, YOU know how you want it to sound, and even if there’s a typo on the screen, your brain has automatically brushed past it, autocorrecting it in your head. That is why you ideally want fresh eyes looking over your work, as they’re more likely to catch errors. It’s one thing from the print media era I miss, but it’s just not cost effective for small sites, or apparently even bigger ones anymore.

4. I Have Mixed Feelings about Internet Anonymity

Being a writer who authors everything under my own name, I have a different perspective on internet anonymity than most. Almost all of you do not post comments under your real name, and though most of you are civil, there are legions or horrible people on the internet that use the cloak of anonymity to make the internet truly a worse place. Take the comment above for example on this post.

I made an assertion where I wondered about Summer Glau’s bankablity if all her shows end up dead, and if networks would continue to hire her despite that. I love Glau in all her roles, and I wasn’t suggesting this SHOULD be the case, but just posing a question.

But that’s the response I get! He makes a solid point about the genre pilots, but peppers it with hatred that I really didn’t need to see. And this happens ALL the time. How would you like it if at whatever job you have, someone routinely curses you out for any opinion you choose to share.

It’s not fair to me, as I have to put myself out there, and people can snipe at me from the shadows. If people couldn’t hide like this, I feel the level of discourse on the internet, across ALL varieties of sites (I think political ones would benefit substantially) would rise.

Problem is, the total number of contributors would probably plummet. People would be afraid to voice their opinion on controversial issues, as what you say on the internet is more or less permanent. I want to yell, “Welcome to MY world bitches!” but I can see the point of view of the average web surfer. Also with personal info out there, forever anonymous groups, like 4chan’s Anonymous, would be able to harass specific people far more easily.  It’s a tough issue, and I’m curious to see how it evolves as the internet does.

5. It’s Hard to Stand Out

There are a thousand different sites out there for movies, TV and video games. Why mine? Why do you come here? It’s a question I’m genuinely interested in the answer to, and one I need to dissect so I can figure out how to attract even more people to my little corner of the web.

I would love to have amazing programming or web design skills so I could design the next Facebook or Twitter and retire at 25 the world’s newest billionaire, but I have to realize I can’t, and so I have to use the skills I DO have to stand out.

But that can be hard. With so much of the same stuff floating around the internet, and so many sites covering the same topics to choose from, it’s a daily struggle to figure out how to keep your work fresh, and find something you offer that other places don’t. I try to use my point of view and attempts at humor to do that, and it seems to work to some degree, but it’s hard when you’re looking for ways to continue to evolve the site.

Well established sites do this all the time, often with massive re-designs that are often spectacular failures. But I understand their pain, because standing still is death in this industry, and it’s kind of a scary tide to get caught on if you’re unprepared for it.

If YOU guys have anything you’d like to see on the site that we don’t do now, or more of something we do post, please let me know.

So that’s just a few of my thoughts on the world of online writing. Perhaps it gives you a better view of myself as a writer and what I deal with when creating and writing stories. If you want to start your own site, that’s awesome, but be prepared for things like this to give you pause and make you question yourself.

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  1. I think this site is great. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the movie reviews and when you guys put up a trailer and get discussions about movies started before they even pop.

    Also, I don’t care if 90% of your content is just pointing to other work. I feel like you scan through the mess and pull out the fun and entertaining stuff so I don’t have to sift through 100 websites for a gem of humor or entertainment.


  2. Your first point is wrong!

    Just kidding. Love this site. And I like your writing style, so would love to see more original opinion, content, and reviews (point 2 I guess). What other sites to you write for?

  3. Hey man for what it’s worth I love your site, and I love you content (whether its pulled from other sites or it’s original). You deal with topics I often find cool and when I have the down time I like to read.

    Aside from this site I also check out others, I used to leave comments (a lot of comments) but after awhile I started to notice that people on the net are hard to talk to (they’re either snooty, or just like to argue for the sake of arguing….for instance I know that someone will probably respond to this post negatively). I just shrug my shoulders and half grin and just blow it off. Sometimes I even write a post like this, re-read it, than just decide not to post it. B/c I know that someone will just take it, rip it apart for grammer or spelling and any other little thing that I really don’t care for ( is notorious for that).

    Anyways man, I originally came here to see if you had a submit a topic section b/c I thought you would find this cool, I originally found it on but the video is pulled from youtube
    Thought you would think it was cool.


  4. Oh btw, I tend to follow this saying in life:

    “Never argue with an idiot, they bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Not sure why I’m quoting, b/c I’m not sure who I’m quoting, it just seemed like the thing to do….just don’t argue with me about it…:)

  5. I found this site about a year ago and have been a daily follower ever since. I love how down-to-earth it is. It has a type of personal feel to it, and I wouldn’t want it to change. Sure, other sites have reviews on movies, shows, and games, but their reviews are very collective and not personal enough. It’s like when you reviewed Inception and talked about how much better it was than Avatar, you were taking the words right out of my mouth. is definitely one of my top 5 sites.

  6. I really do enjoy your site and your topics of interest. I can’t agree with all of them, but there’s a reason I read this site on an almost daily basis. I just wish you would branch out a little more and cover some TV shows, movies, or games that you didn’t specifically have a personal interest in.

  7. I like this site because I find the content interesting and I like the style in which you deliver your opinions. Your thoughts are always clearly worded out and I can see your point even if I sometimes I completely disagree with them.

    Also for the most part the commenters here are pretty civil. You can have debates here without them turning into a bunch of “hate” posts. I mean there are idiots here and there but generally people here are cool.

    Keep up the good work man.

  8. love the site, and dont have a problem with links as long as you still credit the original authors like you said. what i like about the site is the writing style. that ands its nerdy without being too nerdy. too many other similar sites go off the deep end on the nerdyness scale. i can appreciate a good pokemon joke and love video games and pop culture and the like, but you seem through your writing to be a bit more sociable than most of your competitors. you sound like someone who has these interest but also a relatively normal life too and isnt socially awkward.

  9. I agree with basically every compliment said in the comments so far. Reading through my twitter feed is usually a bore, but i get excited when I see the UnReality logo. I don’t have time to sort through so many articles online, so I have zero problems with reading what’s already been posted. It’s a huge plus to have someone who sorts through the crap and gives us what’s interesting.

    Also: more pokemon 😀

  10. Hey man. I just wanted to say that your website is one of the very few that I follow. And because of that I have been guided toward others that are good but not as equally awesome as this one.
    I particularly enjoy the art pieces that you find. Also, I actually enjoy the links that you post. I usualyl just skip over links but here I know I will be sent somewhere worth my while.
    Bottom line: well done my good sir!

  11. i can say that i think you have some prety crappy articles sometimes, but you do make interesting posts. what i like is that you don’t get into anything really political or controversial.

    a lot of sites like cracked will put out articles with clear biases in favor or against particular viewpoints, mixed with the same overdone humor we see everywhere on the internet (this one in pretty much every damn article), and i just refuse to visit them. what i really don’t like about those types of sites is that overdone humor, though, people trying to create analogies between something they don’t like and some completely random and made up situation

    that said, i don’t find olivia wilde to be hot. i find her to be beautiful. not the kind i would ravage, but the kind i would take home to mom. and, you know, walk around in public with so everyone can think “how the hell did he end up with her”?

  12. I really wouldn’t pay attention to people filled with that much hate. It’s best to ignore them because you won’t be able to convert them to the side of sanity anytime soon.
    Just be thankful unreality is nowhere near the realms of hateful bile and anarchic chaos associated with 4chan threads and youtube comments on kittens.

    I’m not sure when or how I found unreality. Probably a link from another website I use often? or manofest or god knows (there really are thousands out there lol). But I like the style of this one. It’s simple but it looks nice and the topics of the posts are usually fun, interesting, geeky or all of the above.

    I’d say you’re not doing so bad in a sea of a million voices. 🙂

  13. First… I didn’t care for the Godfather…I just think it insists upon itself (Family Guy anyone?)

    Regarding what Jackson said, I think you should only stick with the stuff your interested in or at least for the more original stuff but if I were you I would only comment on topics you have a solid opinion on. I’d say leave the unoriginal posts for topics that you think other people would enjoy but doesn’t necessarily interest you.

    Keep it up!

  14. I think this is a great site. One of my favorite aspects of it is that it is updated throughout the day, not just once a day. I like, but after I visit in the morning, that site has been exhausted for the day. Here, I can come throughout the day for a nice 5 minute break from my daily job-related work and more times then not, there’s a new post for me to read. The morning link and final countdowns are also great for extending reading. I’ve already recommended this site to other friends of mine.

    I’d say one thing that may be missing, or that I haven’t seen is a search function to search for past posts. Other than that, I can’t think of any other critiques off of the top of my head.

    Good Luck,

  15. I think you guys do a great job of grabbing some of the best links and consolidating them. As far as original content goes, I would rather see the quality of the original content stay high than spew out more; for example – I always like seeing the game, movie and TV show reviews because I have the same likes/dislikes and some of the same pet peeves – especially with the games. I would rather keep the same high quality reviews of a handful of games that see a 2 paragraph review of every game that comes out.

    I also like coming to this site because it validates my own nerdyness (e.g., the article about when one finds time to game how to get one’s significant other to respect gaming as a hobby). Seeing other people who I guess are roughly my own age get enthusiastic about nerdy stuff is really fun 🙂

    You guys have an awesome job, don’t let it go for a 9 – 5 like the rest of us have. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t let the haters get you down!

  16. Pretty much all the previous comments summed up what I think. I do like the idea of being able to submit ideas for posts, but I don’t know if you’d get flooded with them or not.

    I enjoy how it feels like you write on a personal level, and you do seem to have a lot of similar tastes with your readers (myself included.) So when I go to this site, it almost feels like going over a friend’s house and having him say “You have to check out some of this stuff I found on the internet.”

    I enjoy your reviews, especially because you don’t feel the need to review everything. That way, they don’t feel like you’re cranking them out for the sake of new content.

    I also give you credit for introducing me to Archer and Community, which I both love. I’m still trying to find time to start Sparticus: Blood and Sand.

    Please don’t feel the need to redesign the site. Like you said, it’s usually a huge failure when site’s do that. I feel like it alienates loyal readers, and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  17. Also, might be a good idea to create a facebook page, have people ‘like’ the page to gain more exposure…but I’m sure you’ve thought of this already and decided why it’s not a good idea. If you haven’t thought of this, then uhh don’t take that as an insult.


  18. The reason I like this site is because it feels like chatting with a friend that always got something to show me or a very unique point of view to share.
    Your whole approach is far more approachable than most of the similar sites and that is something you’d better hang on to. The web is filled with self-proclaimed geniuses and it starts to get annoying.
    Plus, the site’s layout is as it should be. Simple as hell! No one likes sites that take forever to load or you cant even scroll through them because of the content.
    This site starts and ends my day, keep up the good work :D.

  19. I can’t imagine having to come up with 12-15 articles per day, let alone entirely original ones. I would think anyone ripping into you for that is being completely unrealistic. Besides, I know that I personally appreciate posts on here that gather things from elsewhere online, where I would never have seen them unless I’d stumbled upon them accidentally. I’m going to amend my visual perception coursework notes to include the wolverine/batman picture instead of the boring vase/faces one.
    Great job with the site. I do agree that a forum would be a great addition, though.

  20. since i stumbled upon here while searching for a picture of taki from soul calibur i got caught.
    looked around, read some other entries and was banned by that way to write.
    keep going!

    i’d even go so far to suggest myself for your searched “editor”. though i’m german, i’ve some talent to spot out writing mistakes (may they be in german or english or whatever). without payment, of course^^ (you got my mail-address)

    and EVERYONE is stealing ideas. text, pictures, whatever… you can’t be original these times anymore. so it’s not bad if you honor the right people for their work. big credits for own creativity as it’s become rare

  21. crigs, Unreality has a facebook page. Checkout the right side bar, or checkout Paul’s numerous mentions during one of his (superb) linkfests.

    But again… Forum. Make it happen, and a longterm community will follow you to the gates of hades and back.

  22. As an marketing, advertising, graphic design guy – I can appreciate your interest in honest criticism and feed back. So I’ll share with you why I’ve bookmarked Unreality and check it once or twice a day:

    – I like the variety of content. (Content that speaks to my inner asshole/dork.)

    – Witty commentary. Your site is among a select few (Warming, With, even that consistently make me laugh. The perverted, self deprecating, jaded, computer dork character is great voice.

    – Third. I don’t really have a third. But I thought I better use 3 examples so it looks like I have something intelligent to say. Disregard third comment.

  23. I really like this site and check it every day together with and Having started a blog myself a month ago, I especially appreciate articles like this about creating blog posts.

  24. The site has the perfect amount of absurd articles about ridiculous BS, laid out in a very simple to navigate style that does not take forever to load or assault the visual cortex.

    ” I always try to find the original artist or author, and make sure THEY get credit for original work. ”
    this is also a big plus. It allows me to see more of the creators content by going to the source. In most cases generating more revenue for their site.

    one complaint
    needs more articles about elves.

  25. crigs: There’s a search function on the right;)

    I’m happy there aren’t much hate comment’s on this site. The comment from Anonymous is the first in quite some time. Unrealitymag is one of my favorite sites and I love most of your post. Still hoping Madison will some day return though.

  26. The reason I go here instead of somewhere else is because you make your pages a “one-stop shop” sort of gig and make the topics very interesting to read about. First, If I want to view a Top 10 list, I scroll down from 10 to 1 on one page and read every entry. Other sites make you click through ten pages, one for each entry. Not the case here, its just a simple click from the main page and I get to see the entire list. That sort of thing is one of the small but very good things I like about Unreality.

    Secondly, I have to mention the content. Just about every article I read here is interesting to me, from Pokemon (had to throw it in there) to movies to comics, its all great to read about, and to come to one place to read about it is fantastic. You guys have made a great site, and I figure its worth letting you know that you certainly are appreciated. So thank you.

  27. I guess I don’t really have anything new to add to what’s already been said, but I too find myself visiting this website a couple times a day….. I have no idea why. I don’t really consider myself much of a gamer, I’m not into Pokemom (although I love the cosplay chicks), but, like Vangelis wrote above: “The reason I like this site is because it feels like chatting with a friend that always got something to show me or a very unique point of view to share.” Ditto. Keep up the good work.

  28. Good one, Paul. I’m sure you had me in mind on at least one of the paragraphs from 1 to 4. I’m generally the moron with a different opinion, I’ve “called you out” on a couple of articles that were featured on different sites and I’m an anonymous asshole.
    Regardless of all that, I have an idea for you to remedy the lack of original articles. Why not feature a visitor article like, once a week, or even every day? Or you could also post funny, generally obscure and unpopular youtube vids. While that could be challenging, it’s not hard at all.
    Hopefully you read the comments.

  29. I really enjoy the Game journals you used to do on the site and the episode by episode breakdown of Tv shows. Kinda miss those, but still enjoy the site a ton. Believe it or not this is the only website I actually comment on because the other people that comment rarely, if ever, say a mean thing about another person’s comment as long as it’s spelled okay and has an opinion.
    Keep up the good work!

  30. i didn’t read all of the comments but the ones i did i agree with them

    keep up the good work..what i’m saying is you’ll always have me as a constant visitor..

  31. im a huge fan of this site i just wish it was easier to fin things on this site sometimes. cause ive been checking this site out daily since october but i wanna see what u had b4

  32. oh also i know its probably not your call but the damn ads on this website are so damn annoying. i’ll click to read an article and all the sudden an ad for AXE body spray will pop up, it just irritates me a lot and sometimes i don’t even want to come on the site. again i know its not your call probably and i’m sure lots of others commentators have let their displeasure be known but pllllleeeeeaaaasssse try to get something done. other than that your site is awesome.

  33. I come here as a springboard to other sites. I read the original content and like most places, sometimes it is a hit, and sometimes it is a miss, but I really like the filtering process this site does for me.

    I don’t want to check 15 sites every day for content. I’d rather go to two or three sites that have already read stuff for me and identified something interesting.

    There’s one other site that I regularly go to that gets some content before you post about it, but that site draws on fewer sources, so I like having access to both.

    As for anonymous haters, you just have to take that as the price of doing business on the internet. I’m a member of registration-based sites that have plenty of incivility. Don’t take it personally.

  34. I think this post is a great example of what makes this site stand out, at least to me. It shows a personal touch, you actually put some thought to do an article/list-type-thing and made it an interesting and compelling.

    Keep up the good work!

  35. I think you should do more lists and more art galleries (although you already do a ton). I love the site and I love everything you guys do, but those two are really my favorite, and I think they are some of the best posts you guys put out. Keep up the amazing work!

  36. Pretty nice post! It caught my attention since I’m currently writing a blog with mixed content (original and otherwise) and could make use of some tips. I specially liked your views on Anonymity and on standing out in the internet. I’ve had 4 or 5 blogs that reflected attemps to change my style and themes. And some redesigns ARE a failure! I wasn’t very satisfied when I saw the new look of Gizmodo neither.

  37. “There are a thousand different sites out there for movies, TV and video games. Why mine? Why do you come here?”

    Loved you as Johnny Quest at Umich, followed you to here.

  38. I think you do a great job Paul. I recommend you to the majority of my friends and everyone agrees that unreality is “quality”. Yeah every now and then your stuff isn’t first on the block but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good stuff. As a person that never looks at cos play I enjoy the galleries. I am sure there are people that don’t see the other stuff and get there taste of whatever from your site.

  39. RE: 3. Working Without an Editorial Staff is a Double Edged Sword

    The thing I wished you had learned from writing on the Internet? The difference between “its” and “it’s”. I have offered before and I will once again: I would be happy to edit your site. And if you don’t want that, I can write you a quick essay explaining the difference between the two words. Though my current profession does not pay me to write, I have been doing so very successfully for just under twenty years now.

  40. Wow, wayyy bigger response than I thought. Thanks a lot for all your compliments, critiques and advice. I really do take them to heart, and they help make the site better.

    Thanks for reading, tell your friends and stick around! Without all you guys we wouldn’t exist, so you really do rock and I appreciate you tuning into what we have to say here everyday.

  41. I became aware of your site when a friend forwarded me via meail your list of best cartoon theme songs. I liked the content of that article, liked the clean, simple, organized and uncluttered look of your site, and kept coming back. As I read your articles, I found the humor witty, the content interesting, and the writing cogent and coherent.

    For a site with content geared towards the male population, as a female, I feel comfortable leaving comments because 1. you thoughtfully respond when necessary 2. your site isn’t mean spirited, and 3. those who have left comments seem to be sensible, social and logical people–a very good sign.

    Though I am definitely not a gamer (only console I ever played and still own though it looks brand new is the Sega Genesis), I am not a Pokemon or Star Wars geek, and am definitely not a lesbian so I don’t benefit from all female cosplay posts, I find myself checking this site everyday, repeatedly to see what’s been posted.

    Your site is chock full of fun, wit (I do so love wit) and interesting stuff that I just like it. For these reasons, I’ve been a faithful, happy follower.

  42. I use a pseudonym because it’s more interesting and tells a reader more about me than my real name does. I’m all about the sticks and stones. I have done a ton of writing online (mostly reviews) too and I’ve got to tell you that the best thing you can ever do is learn to cherish your trolls. I’m a big fan of black humor and irony so when some douche comes at me flinging hate and generally behaving like a moron, I physically laugh my ass off and go out of my way to toy around with them, hoping they’ll stick around a while. They don’t typically respond well to not being taken seriously and even less to being humiliated in public view. Some go back and delete their embarrassing posts and others spend hours, days, or even weeks going to every review I ever wrote while waiting for new ones so they can give me negative votes on Amazon or wherever. Either way, I’m inside their head in a big way and they’re just a joke to me since I could care less about how many damn votes I get since this is all just a hobby to me. I win. They lose.

    I also use this site as a one-stop shop for all of the cool stuff I don’t have time to search for myself. Original content is appreciated (although I don’t always agree with the editorials), but don’t sweat it. You guys do good work here.

  43. A lot of what keeps me reading is the genuine interest you seem to have in what you do, as well as the almost unbelievable (relatively) level of classiness you typically maintain. The “look at hot women” or “stir up pointless debate” posts very rarely show up here.

    And you don’t overreact to stuff very much. Basically it’s just hard to find sites this chill that I actually enjoy.

  44. I just wanted to say man as an Airman in the military I don’t have alot of free time. I like that you pull from all different kinds of places so I don’t have to browse around to different sites. I visit this site everyday and look forward to it. Someone said earlier that you should put a forum up and I agree completely.Keep up the work and maybe post a help wanted ad or article. I am sure some people would like to help.

  45. I come here, not because of the content u post but because this site is a SMAZILLION times cleaner than other stuff on the internet and i like the way you people mix up your content and opinions, quite fun to read!

  46. I started visiting this site when you had LOST reviews and then just kept coming back because of the variety of content you post. Pretty much every post you make is pretty interesting. The art and videos you post are interesting and fun, but I started to like reading your opinionated posts a little more. You write like an everyday guy and not someone that is trying to be more funny/intelligent than they actually are. Your articles usually resonate with me a little more because they feel honest and you can tell you are writing about something you actually take interest in and you can tell you enjoy it. Even when you write about something you think is stupid or bad, you always kinda balance it with something you like about the product instead of just bashing it. Also, I like that you pull from other sites because as someone said earlier, I don’t have enough time to go to other sites to look stuff up. Even when I see the same post on another blog, 80% of the time I would rather read your take on it because our tastes are pretty similar and it’s easy to base if I should buy or watch something and not worry about wasting time or money. Even if I don’t like something, usually when I come to this site I can comment on it and not get blasted but have a reasonable debate.

  47. I rarely post a comment on your site, but I tend to check it out once or twice a week and catch up on whatever you’ve posted for the week. I find that I generally agree with your opinions (so if you have given a movie a bad or mediocre review, I know not to expect too much from it, for example), and you guys tend to post on things I’m interested in – like the TV shows I actually watch, and things I loved as a child of the 90’s.

    I also appreciate the usage of grammar and punctuation in not just the articles, but in the majority of comments people post here. Its pretty decent. There is also a variety of content in the posts here, whether its original information, or links to other sites. I can come to this site to see a pretty cool artist, or read a review for a game or TV show, or just see a stupid link about Pokemon.

    Plus its relatively female friendly for a girl gamer who is neither fat, slutty, nor ugly (is that how that goes?). Keep it up!

  48. Howdy!

    In answer to your question as to why people come here…. I was directed from linkstorm…and I’m so glad I was!

    I enjoy that you reference them and they return the favor. I know I don’t mind when it’s not all original content, but as a freelance writer, I know how important it is the original author get credit.

    I really enjoy the site, keep up the good work!

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