10 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly from DC Comics

We may be seeing the end of the superhero run in pop culture, but it doesn’t mean that we’re done with comic book characters just yet. Villains are on the rise, and it seems as if they’re plotting a takeover. We’re seeing the first of the villain movies come out this year, and who knows what will come out of it? There are tons of villains in DC Comics, and they’re all just as fascinating as the superheroes. One villain in particular has always been interesting—Firefly. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the villain Firefly from DC Comics.

1. Different iterations

Firefly has had different appearances throughout the years. Pre-crisis, he appeared twice as two completely different people in different comic series. Post crisis, Firefly appeared yet again with a slightly different storyline. There was also a 2011 reboot of the DC universe, The New 52, and Firefly appears again with a different backstory. In the DC Rebirth, we see Firefly appear yet again doing things differently than the way it was done in the past.

2. Garfield Lynns

Garfield Lynns as Firefly on Arrow

Lynns is the original name of the character Firefly. In pre-crisis days, Lynns was a special effects expert who was just having issues in life and needed some extra money, so he faked a fire and robbed a bank. Batman caught him, of course.

3. Firefly idea

Garfield Lynns got the idea of his name and villain technique from an incident when Batman tried to catch him. Lynns got a way because Batman thought that he saw Lynn’s lit up cigarette moving, but it was actually only a firefly. Since then, Lynns used illusions and lighting techniques as part of his ploy.

4. Ted Carson

This is probably the more famous iteration of Firefly. Carson as Firefly in Batman #126, and he was the rival of Bruce Wayne not only in justice but also when it came to vying for the love of Batwoman, Kathy Kane. At one point, Batman was dealing with both Carson himself and his alter ego, Firefly, in some way.

5. Carson’s weapons

When Carson was Firefly, he actually employed some pretty powerful weapons to help him with his evil plans. In one story, he was using a powerful light beam that originated from his helmet. That light beam can bind things together. He’s also been known to use a powerful sonic weapon that can shatter glass. It’s a useful tool to aid his escape anywhere.

6. Killer Moth

Firefly’s story has always been tied to Killer Moth’s in whatever iteration he may have appeared. In post-crisis days, Firefly becomes the protégé of Killer Moth in order to have a chance at defeating Batman and Robin. However, Killer Moth himself started to fear Firefly because of the man’s craziness, so their alliance completely stopped then.

7. Team guy

Throughout his career, Firefly has always either teamed up with other villains or belonged to villainous groups. Apart from working with Killer Moth and especially after their failure, Firefly has also worked with Riddler and his team. These guys were up against Joker and his team during the gang war.

8. Other weapons

Firefly is also known for a variety of other weapons throughout his iterations. He’s used plenty of fire-based weapons in the past including military-grade flamethrowers, napalm, and grenade launchers. He even designed his own weapon that could project a superheated plasma blade. That weapon was very useful in close combat.

9. Pyro technician

In the post-crisis iteration, Firefly was an explosives and pyrotechnic expert instead of a special effects expert. This was the reason why fire played such a big role in his attacks and defenses. He has quite a thorough knowledge of inflammable agents and how fire worked altogether.

10. Body burns

In one of the Firefly versions, he had burnt his entire body after an accident at a chemical factory. Since that incident, Firefly designed a fire retardant suit made more for battle and not just to protect himself from even more fire damage. This suit is what he’ll be mostly associated with throughout the post-crisis iteration of Firefly. The wings he designed with his costume were sometimes depicted to help him glide and sometimes as a jetpack to help him fly.

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